Sacred Light


The inspiration for this piece comes from a special experience inside a small grove of trees. In the early spring of 1820 a young boy by the name of Joseph Smith entered the woods behind his house in order to pray regarding which church the Lord would have him join. During this prayer, young Joseph saw a brilliant light from which the Father and the Son appeared before him. He was told not to join any church, but that through him the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ would be restored. Joseph would go on organize The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormon Church. I recently had the privilege to walk through that very same grove of trees that Joseph did as a boy, and wrote this piece based on the thoughts and feelings I had while walking through those beautiful woods.

Whether you be religious or not, I do hope you will enjoy this piece. It represents much more than just a religious belief. It represents what one feels when they’ve found something they’ve spent their whole lives looking for.

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