While on tour this summer I had the privilege of staying with our dear friends Irene and Tomasi Tukuafu.  They’re mentioned in an earlier blog post from last year.  Irene makes harps, dulcimers, and psaltries.  What you see pictured above are all her instruments (except for the guitar up front…that’s mine).  When I came to visit this time, I came prepared with all of my recording equipment.  I had it set in my mind that I would not leave this home until I had written and recorded a new song.  Over the period of about 3 days I was able to make that happen, and what fun it was.  I used the hammer dulcimer, harp, djembe, guitar, and bowed psaltry.  The name of the song seems weird, because even though I call it Fiddlesticks, there are no fiddles in the song.  The name comes from Irene herself.  Whenever something goes wrong she is sure to exclaim “Fiddlesticks and phooey!”

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