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2016: An Amazing Year

“But wait,” you may say,  “2016 isn’t even over yet!  There’s still all of October, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas.  How can you call it an amazing year when it isn’t even over yet?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  Even at this point, the beginning of October, I’m already amazed at everything that has been accomplished.

One of the big things for me, personally, was my new studio.  After an unexpected wait, I finally last month got moved down into my new studio space.  And it’s been absolutely wonderful!  Having a big, dedicated space to work out of really transforms your ability to work affectively.  Also, I’ve been able to get a semi-descent vocal booth set up, so now I can start tracking vocals and working on sound effects, which I’m finding out is very fun!

Another thing that’s happened has been my game stream.  In January I decided to launch a YouTube game streaming channel.  At first I just wanted to see what it would be like, but it wasn’t long before I was hooked.  It’s so fun to hop online and play games while chatting with everyone who drops in!  Feel free to drop in!  I stream Monday and Wednesday nights at 9:00 PM Central Time.

Lastly, the music this year has been amazing!  I’ve had the opportunity to write some truly epic tracks, and I’m just now getting around to sharing them.  A couple of days ago I posted a new demo reel, which I’ll include at the end of this post.  Compiling this reel, it really did amaze me to see how I’ve progressed as a composer.  I’ve learned new tricks and techniques that have pushed my music even farther, and I think it shows!  Each one of the songs on this reel represent something different, and each is a personal favorite in one way or the other.

And now, it’s on to enjoy the last 3 months of this year!  This really is one of my favorite times of the year.  The leaves are just beginning to change and you can feel the crispness of autumn in the air.  Before too long, we’ll be pulling out Christmas decorations and preparing for a large Thanksgiving feast!  This season always brings so much excitement!  So I’ll keep writing as I continue this musical journey.  It’s been an exciting road so far, and I can’t wait to see where it leads!

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