The Power of Music

Music is something special, something magical.  Whether we realize it or not, music has a huge impact on our attitudes and emotions.  When someone is angry, often times they will listen to music that drives their anger even further.  When at peace, many people will turn to soft strings or pianos to drift further into their blissful state.  Sometimes, when people are having a bad day, they turn to uplifting and inspiring music to try and bring themselves out of the mire they’ve found themselves in. Our attitudes dictate the music we listen to and, in turn, the music we listen to dictates our emotions.

Emotions, that is the role of music in video games.  To create an emotional landscape for the player to dive into.  As a composer, it is my job to create that atmosphere.  To use my powers of audio manipulation to control the very emotions of every soul that plays your game (I feel so powerful!).  Music is my passion, it’s what drives me as I journey through life.  Here is a selection of some of my music.  I do hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  If you’d like to enlist my musical powers for your worthy cause (Gaming is a very worthy cause!), simply contact me and tell me about your project.  Together we shall conquer the world!  Or…well…at least a small corner of the gaming world.  Yes, that, we shall conquer!

Demo Reel


About Me

I grew up in a small Missouri town where most exciting things to happen occur during kickoff on Friday nights.  However, you wouldn’t see me until halftime, leading the band as we marched onto the field.  Music was what got me through high school and it’s what I chose to pursue in college. It was in my second semester that I decided to take a composition class on a whim.  Little did I know where that decision would take me.  Music is my passion and I always knew I’d be doing something with it, I just never realized I’d be writing it.  And here I sit, over ten years later, writing music for games.  And I absolutely love it!

I now live in the Kansas City area where I work full time out of my comfy studio.  While I specialize in orchestral composition, I’ve recently begun to expand my horizons and even blend a few genres together (rock/orchestra is FUN!).  I feel very fortunate to be able to call this my job, and look forward to seeing where the journey will take me next.


Dawn of Orion
Purity of Blood
Synth Partner
Corrupted Spirits
Apprentice Arriving
This Grand Life
Resonance in Serenity
Great Gaias

Exile Saga

Farm Panic
Gem Slide


Magic Paint




The Beasts and Tales of Kharia

Radiance Soul

Crystal Wars

Oracle Spheres

Sin Unsullied



So, have I captured your ear yet?  I’ve worked with teams both large and small to deliver professional tracks at an affordable rate.  Send me a message and tell me about your project.  I’m anxious to hear what amazing game you’re cooking up!

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